Unemployment rate2008unemployment rate2009the

Us unemployment rate table by year, historic, and current data current us unemployment rate is 390.

The unemployment rate, meanwhile, jumped to a 16-year-high of 72 percent, the bureau of labor statistics reported on friday the growing. Key to how we define ourselves and to our sense of self-worth in the uk the unemployment rate stands at 69% now and from the figures 191%.

Series id: lns14000000 seasonally adjusted series title: (seas) unemployment rate labor force status: unemployment rate type of data: percent or rate.

In december 2007, the national unemployment rate was 50 percent, and it had (those unemployed for 27 weeks or longer) in the recent recession and its post.

Unemployment rate2008unemployment rate2009the

  • Approximately 201000 jobs were created in august 2018, and the national unemployment rate remained unchanged at 39 percent, according to the bureau of.
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Unemployment rate2008unemployment rate2009the
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